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Carpet Cleaning Customer Reviews Salina KS

I would recommend them to friends.

~Kathleen - Salina KS

Would rate Mike & his crew at 100% at doing the very best job!! I have very old carpet but after they get done cleaning my carpet it looks & smells wonderful!! I have a husky mix dog that is 15 years old & has accidents sometimes wetting but they completely rid all traces!!! Would highly recommend this Company Heavens Best!!! Thanks Mike & Darcy!!

~Dianna - Salina KS

Did a very good job in a good time!

~Carl - Salina KS

Love the work done!!

~Richard - Salina KS

Best carpet cleaning company on the planet!!!

~Michael - Salina KS

Excellent service!

~Carolyn - Salina KS

They did a great job!

~Julie - Salina KS

Impressed with results!

~Terry - Salina KS

Thanks so much!

~Nancy - Salina KS

I keep telling people y'all perform miracles!

~Lin - Salina KS

Spent 35 years selling floor covering. Can't begin to imagine what magic dust you used on that mess. Even I have to say that's pretty amazing! Kudos!

~Candy - Salina KS

Great job Heavens Best Salina!

~Nicole - Salina KS

When they did my carpets a few years back, it was the most amazing!!! Heavens Best!!

~Kimberly - Salina KS

Very efficient!!

~Margaret - Salina KS

Mike and Danny are tow of the best people ever. They are professional and nice, they are accommodating. The carpet is so clean and smells great!

~Judy - Salina KS

Thank you SO MUCH for cleaning our carpets on such incredibly short notice! We were able to get our house on the market quickly because of that. You did a fantastic job. I highly recommend Heaven's Best!

~Julia - Salina KS

I have to tell you that i was skeptical that i would see a difference in my furniture. It's 10 years old and has been through 3 kids, dogs and cats. I was AMAZED! I could not be happier. I also appreciate you doing my hallway for free. I will never go anywhere else and will recommend you to anyone! Great job and thank so you very much for the wonderful and thorough job you did!

~Mandy - Salina KS

Will call again! Excellent Service!

~Rob - Salina KS

Very Good Results!

~Vern - Salina KS

I will call when needed!

~Karen - Salina KS

Excellent service as always. Prompt reply for scheduling and service.

~Mark - Salina KS

The carpet looks like new! They were courteous and efficient. They even helped move the bigger pieces of furniture! We recommend them to anyone.

~Eugene - Salina KS

Always a great job!

~Kelli - Salina KS


~Amy - Salina KS

Great Job! Great people!

~Kim - Salina KS

Good Job! Thanks!

~Shirley - Salina KS

They did a good job!

~Carl - Salina KS

Excellent customer service, very quality work, prompt and courteous technicians! Will use them again for sure!

~Mark - Salina KS

Mike and Zack in Salina KS, did a great job!

~Janet - Salina KS

We have used Heaven's Best twice now and each time has been absolutely wonderful. Mike is very professional yet personal. Our carpets are clean and like new which is comforting now that we have a baby crawling around everywhere. We will continue to use Mike in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone!

~Ashley - Salina KS

Thank you! Always friendly and awesome work!

~Jeri - Salina KS

They did a great job!

~Lewis and Gladys - Salina KS

Thanks for putting all the furniture back in place!

~Robert - Salina KS

My carpet was perfect! Very pleased!

~Shirley - Salina KS

Excellent Work! Will call again.

~John - Salina KS

Great work. Great attitude and very pleasant and social towards customer!

~Mickey - Salina KS

I give them an A+, Professional, friendly, courteous and wonderful.

~Patty - Salina KS

Very professional work and interaction with me. Mike thoroughly explained everything to me as i was a first-time customer. Very impressed with the work as they did an excellent job. Found by word of mouth on Facebook here in Salina.

~ Bill - Salina KS

Wonderful job! Carpets looked brand new. The staff was very professional and it was done in 1 hr!

~ Donna - Salina KS

Promptness = Excellent

Appearance = Excellent

Professional = Excellent

Quality = Excellent

Price = Excellent

~ Form Builder Processing - Salina KS

He did an amazing job! Will always call him! Will also recommend him!

~ Doug - Salina KS

Promptness = Excellent

Appearance = Excellent

Professional = Excellent

Quality = Excellent

Price = Excellent

~ Susan - Salina KS

We are very satisfied. We had Mike clean our carpets last July and we were happy with the service then too. They do a great job and probably don't charge as much as they should!

~ Orlita - Salina KS

Very satisfied with our service!

~ Eunice - Salina KS

Great job! Thanks!

~ Geweinhold - Salina KS

They were great! I advertize for them!

~ Barbara - Salina KS

This is the best our carpets have looked. We've had them professionally cleaned in the past and also have a rug doctor. They came out clean (got ride of pet smell and stain) soft, and nearly dry when they finished.

~ Orlita - Salina KS

Mike did an amazing job. I will definitely be using Heaven's Best again.

~ Jill - Salina KS

Promptness = Excellent

Appearance = Excellent

Professional = Excellent

Quality = Excellent

Price = Excellent

~ Dianna - Salina KS

Very nice to work with!

~ Patricia - Salina KS

Great job! Great operator!

~ John - Salina KS

Great job! Very pleased with results.

~ Judy - Salina KS

Promptness = Excellent

Appearance = Excellent

Professionalism = Excellent

~ Ray - Salina KS

Very professional job!!

~ Steve - Salina KS

Excellent, excellent, excellent!

~ Larry - Salina KS

They deserve a bonus!

Consuelo - Salina KS

Mike, did our carpet, they look great, plus I like the citrus smell. I like it when they rake it, it looks so nice I don't want to step on my carpet.

~ Jolene - Salina KS

Looks like new!!!!!

~ Ann - Salina KS

Been using for years! Will call again when needed. Everything was excellent!

~ Jackie - Salina KS

Amazed how clean it is. Had it cleaned before, it was awful. Dries quick! WOW.

~ Linda Salina KS

Best ever!!

~ Katie - Salina, KS

Mike did a wonderful job, very professional, yet very personable. I will call him again.

~ Jack - Salina, KS

Excellent! Our carpets look and smell wonderful! Thanks, guys!!!

~ Jenn - Salina, KS

We've used them for about two years. Our one and only carpet cleaner!

~ Mike - Salina, KS

I am a realtor and will recommend Heavenís Best to my clients.

~Vicki - Salina, KS

Very thorough! Excellent representative for your company!

~ Stephanie - Salina, KS

Mike did an amazing job and was super friendly! I will definitely spread the word.

~ Mallory - Salina, KS

We are repeat customers with Mike and appreciate his efficiency and work.

~ Bob - Salina, KS

Mike was wonderful, professional, competent, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Youíre fortunate to have an employee like Mike.

~ Clay - Salina, KS

Mike explained what he did to our carpet and if we had any problems, to call him and he would come back out.

~ Bill - Salina, KS

I spread the word! I have told several friends.

~ Ann - Salina, KS

Impressive!!! Best my carpets have looked in years, Thank you!!

~Jerri - Salina, KS

Did a great job, got out stains I thought would never come out!

~ Patricia - Salina, KS

Through job

~ Kathleen - Salina, KS

Excellent job by Mike Reed and his helper.

~ N McDonald - Salina, KS

I had him clean a chair that I was ready to throw away. It looks brand new.

~ Heidi - Salina, KS

Very good job!

~ Mary - Salina, KS

Very compliant and good job!

~ S. Hoffman - Salina, KS

Heaven's Best had cleaned my previous home's carpets with excellent results. I recommend them to anyone who asks.

~ Kathleen - Salina, KS

Kitchen rug had many spots that Mike was able to remove. Everything was done in a timely manner with great result

~ Betty - Salina, KS

You did a real good job! Everything I had him do looks like new again!!!

~ Sherri - Salina, KS

These people are the vest and the nicest!!

~ Judy W - Salina, KS

Great Job, prompt response, nice people.

~ Elizabeth B - Salina KS

Best cleaning we have ever had.

~ John - Salina, KS

When my ex-husband and the dog moved out. I had stains- ALL GONE! Wonderful job!

~ Marti - Salina, KS

My carpets look new! I will never use ANYONE ELSE! Not even myself.

~ Julie - Salina, KS

Mike always does a great job! Made carpet we were going to rip out look brand new!

~ Mallory - Salina, KS

Thank you! Carpets look great!

~ Jeff and Tracee - Salina KS


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